Contained use of genetically modified plants

The provisions of the Gene Technology Act concerning GMMs are applied to the contained use of genetically modified plants. The use of GM plants is also classified into classes 1-4 on the basis of the risk assessment. The containment and protection measures in use must guarantee that no GM plant can spread into the environment and that no GM plant can cross with cultured or wild relative species. The containment measures can be based, for example, on the prevention of flowering of the plants in the flowering season of a species crossable with the GM plants.

Instructions on contained use of GM plants

Instructions on the contained use of GM plants are currently available only in Finnish.

Notification/application forms for contained use of GM plants

The notification or application concerning the contained use of genetically modified plants is submitted to the Board for Gene Technology. The notification/application form and instructions for filling it are available on the Finnish version of the web page.

The notification or application must be written in Finnish or Swedish. However, the operators can fill the notification forms in English if neither the person with main responsibility nor their deputy are native Finnish or Swedish speakers, and neither of them have sufficient skills in these languages to provide information required by the gene technology regulations. This policy applies only to contained use notifications concerning work with class 1 or 2 GM microbes and plants, or class 1 GM animals.