Unlicensed GM aquarium fish on the EU market

25.4.2017 13.58 | Published in English on 25.4.2017 at 14.23
Press release

Genetically modified (GM) zebra fish (Danio rerio) which shine in fluorescent light have been found on sale in the EU area. No marketing licences have been applied for GM fish in the EU.

Importers and retailers of aquarium fish are asked to become acquainted with the instructions of Evira (https://www.evira.fi/elaimet/tuonti-ja-vienti/tuonti-eun-ulkopuolelta/kalat-ja-niiden-sukusolut/koristekalojen-kaupallinen-tuonti/) concerning import of GM aquarium fish.

Should you have these aquarium fish in your possession, please contact Evira or the Board for Gene Technology without delay for instructions.