Unauthorized GM petunias on the Finnish market

27.4.2017 13.00
Press release

In Finland, genetically modified (GM) petunias with orange flower colour have been found in ornamental plant production.

The varieties  ’Pegasus Orange Morn’, ’Pegasus Orange’, ’Pegasus Table Orange’, ’Potunia Plus Papaya’, ’Go!Tunia Orange’, ’Bonnie Orange’, 'Sanguna Patio Salmon' and 'Sanguna Salmon' have been identified as genetically modified. The transgene produces the same flower colour compound as in in orange/red flowered pelargoniums. This does not make the varieties hazardous to human or animal health or the environment, but the GM varieties have to be withdrawn from the market as marketing authorization has not been applied for them in the EU as is required for all GM products. GM petunias are not of Finnish origin but they were imported for further production without knowledge of that the plant material was genetically modified. The GM petunia varieties will be withdrawn from the market throughout EU area.

If you are interested in acquiring orange petunia plants for breeding either from seed or seedlings, please contact the Board for Gene Technology for instructions before acquiring. See also Evira's announcement.

Additional information:

Board for Gene Technology (GTLK):

Chairman Johanna Björkroth, tel. 358 50 597 6555

Secretary General Kirsi Törmäkangas, tel. +358 95 163 353


Senior Officer Kim Tilli, tel. +358 400 808 521 (supervision)

Senior Researcher Annikki Welling, tel. +358 40 481 2270 (Laboratory Surveys)